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July 03, 2009


Arrrghhh! No! Helen don’t! . . .Careful mit mein Dolces! .. .Arrghhh! . . .Ooo. Zat tickles! . . . Yow! . . . Gott in Himmel, Don’t hurt ze gerbil! He’s my Hansel. . . .Dr.! Arrgghh! Her manicure is a home job! Give her ze shot! . . .Danke, Dr. Schissegeboren. How long vill she remain unconscious? . . . Let’s continue mit ze procedure, Ja? You have ze little lasso? Und ze second gerbil? Und ze come-along? . . . How you vant me? Like ziz? Like zis? . . .Oh, like zis! Zat’s ze vay Arnold likes me, too. . . Does ze gerbil know vat to do? Come here, leibchen. Zis is ze most important job you haff ever done for me. You haff to locate ze Oscar statue, lasso it, und get out mach schnell! Okay? . . .Yeeiii! Oh zat’s not so bad. Can you see him? . . .Vat!?!! Zat’s not a him? It’s Gretel? You haff stuffed mein arschenbahn mit Gretel? Vhen you know she iss in luff mit mein Hansel? Und ve haff a deadline? Ach du leiber! You must be ze vorst proctologist in all of mittel Europe. Und zat is saying zumzing! . . . Oh mein gott, Dr. Do you hear zat? Zey are playing Barry White. Now ve vill never get zem out.