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November 26, 2008


Before your belly hurts from too much food... let it hurt from laughter..

(I just said belly... in an already lame line of text... sober, mind you.... what is wrong with me???)

Ah, heck with it... I'm in a good mood. And now, funny stuff I've found to brighten up this blog!!

A few pictures.....

One of my favorite jokes....

Did I ever tell you about my time in Scotland?
Well, while I was there, my friend took me to a traditional Scottish bar, and, it was a lot of fun.
Everyone was drinking, and carrying on... except one guy, sitting off in the corner... alone...
After a few beers, I finally asked "What's with him?"
My buddy said "Oh, that's Shamus... If you really wanna know... go ask him..:"
So, I did..
I sat down, and asked "Pardon me sir, but, with everyone here having so much fun, how can you be so sad?"
He looked up from his beer and said "You want to know, I'll tell ya..."
"You see that road out there, that you walked here on... the cobblestones and such?"
"Yes, it's beautiful..." I reply..
"I built that road, brick by brick...and hundreds more like it" Shamus said. "But... do they call me Shamus the Road Maker?... No!"...
"Did you see those stone walls, lining the road?"
"I did" I uttered, before he continued.
"I built that wall.. stone by stone, and thousands like it..... But do they call me Shamus the Wall Builder?... NO!"
He stopped... took a long drink from his beer.. then said...

"But you fuck one goat....."

(I truly love that joke... Especially when I can pull off a half-way acceptable Scottish accent when I tell it....)

And lastly, a hilarious song... but not one for the weak stomached...


Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!

- Kenny G.