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June 13, 2008


A reprint of a general discussion post I made tonight.

 I'm bummed.

Anyone got a hug and a kleenex?

Ok, maybe ths belongs more in politics—but—

I was eating pizza after being a football official tonight. Mets game is on. All the sudden I see a pic of TR with 1950-2008 below it.

My jaw dropped.

I’m like—what?? I LOVED that guy—he was the most intelligent, impartial TV political commentators of any time.

Meet the Press—MSNBC—Christ, I watched him last night—and now dead??

I guess he had a corinary at the MSNBC studois around noon today—as he was prepared for Meet the Press this SUNDAY.

I called my buddy Chris on the way home to express my “here we go again—I won’t secomd guess it—but--- God is working in fucking very mysterious ways (again)’.

Chris’ response was from the heart—‘Chrs Matthews and  Tim Russert helped me through hard times—figuring out the complexity of politics—making me think hard about the big world when I could have focused on my little world and what goes on. Like RFK, he’s a legend’.

So—I dedicate my night tonight to Tim. You should too.

Mr. Russert, I think God just wanted more of a closer ‘inside scoop’ on the upcoming election (which Tim predicted—as I do—a LANDSLIDE 15% Obama victory).

It will be hard to replace him