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May 18, 2008


Ok, this is reeaaallly strating to piss me off- I am a 5 ft 8 inch female of decent looks and somewhat subversive character. I don't want to spend my dating life wearing ballet flats and standing in gutters while my date stands on a ladder to kiss me?And why do all of the short guys try to ask me out, ask me to dance, etc???? When the room is full of tall men, I sigh and try to hold my chin up, thinking that maybe this time the towering studmuffins won't disappoint me. Yet they do- they instantly gravitate towards the shrimp section, and this leaves the Midget men with no choice but to flock to me. Why does the tall hunk want to date someone who needs a ladder to kiss him? Does he feel the need to show the world how uber manly he is (ohhhh, look, he can tower over a child sized person, ooohhhhhhh)???? Does he have a secret bent towards kiddies but doesn't want to end up with Chris Hansen in his face? Or is he buying into the stupidest myth out there- that tall chicks have "plenty of closet space" aka vaginas the size of mini coopers? Not usually the case there, tall boys- unless she has had a litter of ponies in the recent past. And what about the poor little short men out there who wish that they could be the one canoodling with little miss chihauha size chick? Don't they deserve to date their own kind, and skip off down the yellow brick road together? I am just saying, people. Do the world a favor and don't try to get all "Shaq dates Thumbelina" on us. It's just plain creepy and unnatural!!!