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August 18, 2009



Ten? We're at ten already? How many is that in Spanish?

So, it's summer and what's that mean? Cookouts, swimming, ice cream, swimming and movies! Yeah! Summer blockbusters! I haven't gotten to see any movies this summer yet, I've mostly been going to cookouts and swimming so I've just now gotten my movie list lined up that I'm going to see. I've listed them below and kinda explained what I'm guessing they are about.

District 9 - I'm guessing this one is about the capital of our nation, Washington D.C., only 9 years in the future! Who won the next election? What is the weather like? Rainy?!? Did they finish the repairs on the Kennedy Expressway! I don't know! HAHA! WOW!
5 stars

Julie and Julia - This one is about my aunt and how sometimes she signs her name with an 'a' and sometimes with an 'e'. Sometimes, she just goes by 'Jul', I'm not sure how that's going to fit into the movie.
9 stars

500 Days of Summer - A hilarious romp about going to cookouts, swimming, eating ice cream and writing move reviews on comedy websites.
70 stars

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince - This one is about Harry Potter.
112 stars

The Goods - This is probably about 3 friends who go to spend the weekend at their friends house, let's call him Bernie - no wait, Ernie. I'm not sure how that would end but something tells me it's going to be a classic. Just like 'Weekend at Bernie's'.
1,012 stars

The Time Travelers Wife - This is the film adaptation of the book, 'Harry Potter and The Half Blo... Wait, nevermind.
4 stars

A Perfect Getaway - This is about ideal modes of transportation. Specifically worm-holes. Albeit, theoretical, think of the time savings.
Chocolate stars with white sprinkles