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November 19, 2016

Mike Pence headed out to the theatre on Friday night to check out the Broadway smash hit Hamilton! Here is his review.

Last night I went to see Hamilton: an American Musical on Broadway and I must say this show is fine. When I arrived at the theatre around 7:50 p.m (I’m always one to be early to the theatre so I can look through my playbill and see who had appeared on Law and Order,my favorite show). I stopped by the snack stand and wanted to grab a red wine. I knew what kind of night I was in for when the cashier said “ELEVEN DOLLARS”, “What if you are the VP-Elect” I said, “You’re a monster” she replied. Everyone laughed, but I didn’t get it. I paid my tab and took to my seat.

Before I was able to make it I was greeted by the roaring sound of “Boo”. Now I’m not one to be a scardy-cat, but how these actors can perform every single night in a haunted theatre amazes me. The lights dim and what I saw on stage could only be described as “American history meets rap music”. I was floored, when they walked around talking about history I loved it, and when they pulled out their pistols I must admit I did a little “Woot-Woot” to myself (Gotta love that second amendment). After their first act I thumbed through my program and I saw the photos of all of these actors and I thought “Wow! If these fellas and ladies are gay, these conversion camps will be FILLED with talent”. My mind started buzzing with ideas about what show we could put on. Wicked maybe? No that would never work. I figured they already know enough about history to maybe do “1776”. I was giddy with excitement, and then the lights dimmed as ACT 2 started.

Wow, all I can say is W-O-W. Such talent and grace up on that stage. All of these people worked so hard to get where they are and be proud of who they are. My heart felt warm, thinking “I can’t wait to take away and fight against their rights as human beings”.

Just as the climax of the show was about to go down…it happened, my cell phone started ringing. I was so embarrassed to pick up, but it was Donny! He was calling to ask what an “Oath” was. I apologized to the people around me. Ugh,I hated being “That Guy”.

As the curtain call was happening, I quickly grabbed my things and headed for the door (Loved the show but needed to get out of the haunted theatre). As I tried to leave I was called back by the cast, and I was spoken to by my favorite character in the play and American history…AARON FUCKING BURR. I really couldn’t hear what he was saying because my heart was pumping so fast and loud. I just waved and said “Thank you” as I left.

The show as a whole is great and I took some notes on how to “Make America Great Again”. I want to give it five stars, but with all of the different genders, ethnicities and devilish sexual preference I had to knock off two stars. I then saw no one had been on Law and Order, knocked off another star for that.

Hamilton 2 stars.

-Mike Pence