In this new feature tentatively called 3–7 TV Clips, we feature anywhere between three and seven TV clips from the day before. Does that sound good? Today there are three clips. Feel free to start the clip counters we handed out at the beginning of class!

Last Man On Earth comes back for a second season this weekend, and although Kristen Schaal told Conan she’d been sworn to secrecy regarding most things from the new season, she was allowed to talk about eating bugs on the show. She even brought in some crickets to share with Conan and Andy, which was gross nice of her!

Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway was on Late Night, where she couldn’t help but charm the pants off of host Seth Meyers. A starry-eyed Meyers even got to have his own little “last scene of the romantic comedy” where he chased down Hathaway down to ask one last question.

Finally, if you wanna watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt sing Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money,” oh brother, just kidding there’s no judgement here, or, I mean, there definitely is, but be my guest, watch whatever you want: