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January 07, 2010


Internal Monologue Required Contest #5

9.  got my "$18" at Walmart for only "$1.99!" -MarsLumograph
8. "Hey there, Gabrielle! Where you 'hikin' off to, with your soft, buttery-yellow active-suit-apparel, & those great high-tech looking stick-machines?"
"Hey, Betty! I'm off to divorce my husband! I hate him. See ya later, croco-gator!"
(that croco-gator sure is a good listener)
7. ???  Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as yellow snow ??? -westsideslant)
6. "Whoa! Mr. Wonka! Look at me I'm on T.V." -FissureFilms
5.. They call me Mello Yellow........
if you make fun of me, I will use my poles on your ass.....buzz kill !! -lizardladyfla (even though I complained about it, her roast was awesome, complaining was the only move my tiny opposable thumb-less mind could thinked of usering)
4. Minnie Driver returns in "Good Will Hiking: Do You Like Apples-est: Extreme Hike-Danger Wars Volume I"!!!-trident
3. $18??!???!!?!!!!??
*head explodes violently* -trident
2. Dressing women for minimum wage men since 1985. -Gerhardguffaw
1. "I'm standing totally still. Why is that drunk hobo still charging me?"
-ian Renga