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December 30, 2008


With the lastest war on the Gaza strip with Hamas and Israel;I'm starting to think that Bill Maher wasn't that far off the point at the end of Religilous.It just was that last 5 minutes when he stood Megiddo preaching that major religions want to create their own Armegeddon so they can go to their own private heaven was not FUNNY.He reminded me of my friend who could have beenĀ an athestic/agnostic minister.I hate Bible thumpers and anybody knocking me in the head with their bullshit.Even it's There is No God bullshit as well as holy shit.Shut up and eat your muffin.The whole world going to shit in a handbag so you might as well enjoy your blueberry-banana muffin before its lights out for all us. Who cares between one book or another? This my God better than your God shit gotta stop.My God say eat your muffin and laugh at everything while you still can.