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March 05, 2010


Instead of sending criminals into prisons to essentially let them be schooled by and network with OTHER criminals, I think criminals should have to work retail jobs until they CRACK!! Seriously!! The week I have had!! I don't work Mondays, 'cuz I don't believe in it, so starting the minute I got to work Tuesday morning...the first customer I have bustles up to me and asks if I have what sounds like "projection card", so I ask "projection card?" just to clarify and he screams "Projection CART! C-A-R-T! CART!" and then he waves a flyer from our competitor at us and I explain that we don't sell projection "carts, c-a-r-t's,in the store as they are only available online." "WHY???" Because if we had them in store he would buy FIVE! (that's F-I-V-E!!!), on the spot! SNAP! It doesn't really matter because we don't sell them in the store. He's leaving and, by the way, he's going DIRECTLY to our competition!! I turn to my manager and ask, "you know our policy about walking people to the product instead of pointing? Do I have to walk that jackass all the way to Grand and Toy??" Then yesterday I had the smelly ASSMAN-SHE. And then this morning the first thing I get is a phone call from someone who has this snide and demanding tone and he wants to let me know that (since he can't work the voicemail cough cough), the lack of people answering the phone is very poor customer service and he wants me to direct a complaint to the manager, from him (not important what his name is), I need to tell nobody less than a manager that our phone system lacks in customer service. I tell him that I will do that and agree with him that it is, indeed, tedious voicemail (especially for impatient people who don't listen to the options which is why he called me in furniture rather than the front desk, which, incidentally is the first option and I'm the 4th LOL) ANYWAY, he wants to know about our "recycling procedure" because he wants to bring in a couple of faxes. I explain it's very simple, he brings them in, signs a waiver and we put it in the crate in the back which the recycling company picks up. "Do they just chuck them in a dumpster somewhere?" "Um, no because it's a "recycling program, the essence of which is to recycle." "HOW do they recycle it?" "I'm not really sure. The extent of our responsibility is to put it in the correct bin in the back and the recycling company picks it up." "How come people in business never KNOW anything any more?" LOL "I don't know sir." "Maybe you should ask." "Maybe I will." "Well..thank you so much for being conscending to me." "You're very welcome sir. Have a great day." And even though I can still hear him blabbing I hang up. Then, some menopausal bitch struts over demanding a fan, and I'm already with a customer (who incidentally is trying to buy a chair for her 6'4, 350 pound son who is NOT present and she thinks I lack knowledge because I won't venture to guess what kind of durability any chair has with him. It's not my fault we make out chairs for people and not farm animals!!!), So, in the midst of this, FAN FURY thinks that it's just plain STUPID that we only carry fans seasonally. Really not my problem. And how was your week??? Doesn't jail sound better???