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May 03, 2011

In which the author demonstrates his proficiency in foreshadowing.

Sam, who doesn't die in this story, peered into the cave warily. The sunlight only penetrated a few feet before being swallowed by the darkness that concealed a bear that Sam didn't see.

Sam hesitated and gripped the ring he wore around his neck that his father had given him and he'd found no real use for except perhaps later on in a few minutes. According to his map, this was the cave where Blackbeard hid his treasure. Sam would soon find out that this cave hid more terrifying things than treasure, including a previously mentioned bear as well as some spooky ghosts. Sam took one step inside the cave and a chill ran down his spine. It wasn't too late to turn back, although it would be soon, owing to a bear chase. He took another step forward, then another, drawing closer to some unknown danger which, as we know, was a bear.

Suddenly a bear roared out of the darkness! It's razor sharp claws slashed at Sam. Sam ducked and reached for his gun, thinking it would be there when it wasn't, but it wasn't there! The bear came at him again, the glint of the claws barely visible in the darkness. This time Sam dived to the right, rolled, prepared to stand up, did so and ran deeper into the cave away from the bear.

Sam whipped out his flashlight and flicked it on as he ran. The cave sloped down and the darkness seemed to smother him, held at bay by the thin ray of light from his flashlight which was dangerously low on batteries, it would go out soon. Sam was a brave explorer, and his only fear was being in a cave with a flashlight low on batteries and being accosted by ghosts.

"Fortunately," thought Sam, "My flashlight batteries are strong and there are no ghosts in this cave."

Just as he thought this, his flashlight went out! And ghosts accosted him! The murderous apparitions screeched as they flew towards him. They would surely kill him right now before the end of this story! Time seemed to freeze as all of a sudden, a memory came back to Sam.

When he was five, his father had sat him down and given him some advice.

"Son," said his father, "If you ever go hunting for anyone's treasure, such as Blackbeards, in a cave and you find yourself being accosted by ghosts after ducking around a bear and also your flashlight is dying, just show them this ring. Ghosts hate rings."

The ring! Sam pulled the ring out of his shirt and held it up for the ghosts to see. Surely this would send them away. And it did! But Sam was stuck in the pitch black cave, with no way out.

To be continued...