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Published: October 29, 2012
Description: Things to take care of before next tuesday

Things to do before the Election
By Josh Proctor
The election is only one week away. Here are some things to make sure you do before next Tuesday.

1. Know what you are talking about:
 If you are going to go on rants on facebook at the very least know what the person who you are going to vote for stands are and the their v.p's are. "4 more years for Mitt and Joey B!!!!"
2. Get Goo Gone
This is for Nov.7th. You don't want to be a asshole with a Romney Ryan bumper sticker on your car the next day do you? (if they lose) You didn't see Tigers fans walking around with World Series champs shirts did you?
3. Don't respect anyone's opinions
If you are going to vote you most likely made up your mind already. So when you ask people why they are voting for the other guy make sure you don't listen and just yell at them
4. Support your candidate
  Let people know who you are voting for 24/7. Wear t-shirts,change your profile picture,like the pages. Pretty much be annoying as fuck.
5. Use Halloween
 Take advantage of people coming to your door to push your thoughts on to people. "If you want these circus peanuts then you are going to have to listen to Mitt's five point plan"
6. Just lie
 This is pretty easy. Just throw anything out there and if someone thinks it is true then it worked! Fact: If Mitt wins he is going to sell America to Mexico
7.  Kill yourself
If you do the first 6 things or have done them already then do us all a favor and hang yourself


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