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Ukrainian Hackers!
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Published March 25, 2014
From: Business Partner <> Date: March 24, 2014 at 3:06:41 AM PDT Subject: Business offer!   Greetings , dear entrepreneur ! You are welcomed by a group of hackers from Ukraine ! We really threaten your business. We organize an attack on your advertising phones. Soon , on your advertising phone calls will go . Frequency of calls will big. Protected will not be possible , even at the program level or by network operator or PABX for fixed phones . If you make private phone number to the black list , the calls will still go , but their phone will filter . During filtration , the line becomes congested and busy phone as well as without this disabling entering a city - power loss of all calls. In classical music - is a phone call until the tube is not raised . Once it rises , goes wait 2-5 seconds and redial - ad infinitum , around the clock. As you probably understand, your advertising will be constantly busy phones for potential and existing existing customers who call you by advertising. This loss of profits , time, and a bad reputation . From this situation, there are 2 outputs : - Change phones - Agree with us If you change phones , we will know it and begin to attack and the second , third and if necessary or tenth number. For us, this attack is not worth the money , so we can not afford such a luxury. Also, when you change the phone number , the whole past advertising your phone number becomes zero . Agree with us , it is worth all-just $ 100 a month . The subscription fee is paid for 1 year. If you'll tighten remittance The funds on our account , the monthly fee will increase by 10  every 24 hours. You may find this post a joke or not to accept our serious threats, but it will not change the final result. When you understand that our opposition to the attack - it's just a waste of time , money and loss customers , as well as profits , write to the post , we'll pay the algorithm and further cooperation. Why you ? No ... Not only you , just today it is the turn to pay you . We have vast experience in this kind of extortion and without boasting , I can say that not a single business able to resist our attacks. You might think that you will save the police , the FBI or acquaintances hackers . Discourage access them will not. Contact , but they help you in any way can not, moreover , because they will not help you , you still pay ... The sooner realize that we pay more profitable than losing business - the easier and faster for you end our relationship . You are willing to negotiate ? Sincerely, Ukrainian hackers !