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December 21, 2009


now you would think the greatest thing i ever bought would be something like a car, house,or some kind of jewelry. but its not. it turns out that its a simple little gadget called a magnifying glass. what you say. well first a little back drop. my vision slowly started to blur, so of course i thought the worst, brain tumor, ms, leprosy, flesh eating virus. well after giving my doctor a good laugh he simply sent me to the eye doctor. after a few short tests, it was confirmed i needed reading glasses. how could this be i asked i always had perfect vision. the dreaded answer came its just  normal aging . normal aging what the hell is this guy trying to say. it hit me i'm getting older, shit, i tried my whole life to avoid it but it still happened. ever since then thats all i hear ( in muffled tones also from aging ) when i go to the doctor. case in point, i had notice the hair on my legs falling out when i reported this to my doctor he gave me a puzzled look and said let me see. i pulled up my pants legs to reveal my shiny shins. he looked down then up " thats just normal aging, not that your old", thanks doc heres my 30 bucks ( co pay ). well i got off topic back to my treasure. even though i wear reading glasses i still find it difficult reading labels on bottles, small adds ect . one night i was shopping at brookestone i came across this small magnifying glass, not only did it magnify but the glass slides up and a light goes on illuminating what your reading. this is the greatest invention since the wheel. i never leave home without it . its always the simple things in life that brings the most pleasure.