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August 20, 2010

I hate Ronnie and Sam. Why even fight if your just gonna keep on doing this?

The Situation

"he doesn’t want to give up his cookie, and that’s Sam. You need to give up the cookie son, so you can find another one. I’m eatin’ chocolate chip cookies eeevvvery night, dawg."

"It's definitely a different look out here in Miami, and there's a lot of people out here in shape, so you need to be on your tip top game with your GTL to stay FTD to get the girls DTF in MIA..say that five times" (Fresh to Death, Down To Fuck)

Pauly D

To Situation: "You are excluded from Surf n Turf Night!"

In reference to Angelina's lingerie outfit: "She's wearing her luggage from last year"

"He[Vinny] spoons, I fork"


"Oh, that's an all-white store.  White's in in Miami, isn't it? What if you get your period, it's ruined."

"Guys are duesch-bags and I hate them all, they don't know how to deal with women, and I feel that is why the lesbian rate is goin up in this country.

"After dinner, we decide to play a bowl of questions, so I'm like why not, let's put sexy clothes on and be fuckin' dumbasses"

"One of you farted and it’s coming in my nostrils as I walk behind you"

"We say tits, like it's not breasts, so she [Sammi] probably won't even know it's us, hopefully."


She just walked around all steroidy the whole time.


In reference to Angelina's lingerie outfit: "Yo, I swear to God that looks like a garbage bag!...I think Victoria should have kept this one a Secret."

"I'm a good spooner, whaddya need?"

"I’m in Miami, I don’t want girls studying for finals, I want girls studying for dick!"

"Do we have a ButterFace (But-Her-Face) flavor or what?


Sammi: "I was waiting for you, like a bitch."
Ronnie: "You are a bitch"

"I don't like tests, that's why I didn't go to college.  Don't test me, cause I will fail a majority of the time"

"I fuck myself everyday when I'm with you"

"Angelina, you know, she’s got diarrhea of the mouth.  I was like mind your business. I gotta deal with Sam, you’re gonna have to deal with me."

"I hate you so much, because I love you, you realize that?"

"Your pants are making me nauseous right now that's all I have to say" (Sammi had on lime green pants on)


"This kid doesn't even know who he is right now"


After she farted: "Oops [shrugs]"