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October 01, 2010

Part of my continuing series in which I examine the best photos on the internet and judge them based on their ability to deliver maximum interweb bonerz.

The Most Amazing Pictures on the Internet                          (this week)
Week 2: Danzig Gets Kitty Litter and the internet rejoiced except for Keanu who is still sad.

Everyone needs cat litter if they have cats and that goes for lead singer of Danzig, Glenn Danzig too.

Shia LeBeouf vs. Frankie Muniz - Fight of the Century

Kanye West didn't release any free music this week because some of his music leaked.
We found the artwork from the single he was going to release, don't worry, we didn't miss a thing. (I'M 50 TYSON)

I don't really have anything for this but I think it's important that it's here.

Nate Robinson and Shaquille O'Neal are the new Odd Couple of the NBA, here's Nate feeding Shaq.

Keanu is just messing with us now, here he is in NYC just hanging out outside of Matt Langers' apartment.

Last weekend, Katy Perry hosted the premiere episode of SNL this season after a huge controversy over her being too revealing on Sesame street. Here is my recap:
And scene. Way to show them!

Lindsay Lohan went to jail for a few hours, long enough for her to get a new mugshot.

Also, a special mention to the kings of the internet and my heart, HolyMauryMotherofGod who are really doing an amazing job capturing the insanity that happens on Maury Povich. Here's just a taste of the magic.

In weather news, it was too hot in Los Angeles for funny pictures so this post ends now.

Until next week!