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February 02, 2012

You think you know stalking? You don't.

Caption: Deemer in action: collecting for his masterwork



Artist Bobby Deemer has collected underwear from all the women he has never slept with.

“There are more pairs than you might think. Obviously I had to keep it within the bounds of reason. It had to have been women I’d actually encountered.”

Q: How did you obtain these undergarments?

BD: It was difficult. Some of the women worked from home, like journalist Sally MacDitz and Jules Brennan, a writer. (As an aside) Her stuff’s not that good. One of them was partially blind so that helped. But in most cases I just took it from their washing lines.

Q: What do you say to people who accuse you of being a twisted pervert?

BD: If I was a mere layman getting his kicks by watching these women – ‘stalking’ them if you will – I would be calling for the toughest judiciary measures. But the difference is that I’m an artist. I’m elevating the act of collecting these women’s lingerie into something far greater.

Q: Far greater than…?

BD: Exactly.

Feminist author Gadji Phenomena responded, “What a load of balls. I know for a fact that he also made videos of these women getting undressed. Why wasn’t that in the exhibition if it’s so elevated and conceptually sound?”

“The video is for another exhibition I’m doing called, The Mystical Vulva, which I’m going to invite Ms. Phenomena to curate,” Deemer explained.

“Oh, that’s alright then,” said Phenomena.

Gallery owner Tailor Anorak said, “Well, let’s be honest. We’ve all done it haven’t we?”

The exhibition, We’ve All Done it Haven’t We? is on for the next month at the Anorak Gallery in Basingstoke.