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March 22, 2011

School yearbook cover that drew controversy and a hidden vulgar message from 2 seniors.

The cover of their yearbook reads "Time Well Wasted" and shows a salvador Dali inspired melting digital clock.  Two students sponsored a senior page with their pictures and the following poem that they wrote.  If your read the first letter of every line it reads "FUCKPHS".

"An even bigger issue, though, may be the hidden message found on one of the pages sponsored by two senior boys. The message is composed of the first letter in each line of the following narrative:

"Finally, after four years of aimlessly roaming these glorious halls

Under the brilliant guidance of our teachers we have learned so much

Choosing the high road, these four years have made us better people,

Kind and nurturing teachers ingratiated this establishment in our hearts.

Paragon of educational excellence, oh Plainview High School

Hail thee, the Alma Mater of our formative years.

So long PHS!"'

Taken from an article wrote in The Plainview Daily Herald here: