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November 07, 2012

This asshole is a real person and has made me all that I am. Which explains a whole hell of a lot!

So you think your Dad’s an Asshole?

If anyone is out there and read my touching tribute to my father on Father’s Day, you know what a gem of a father he is. Here are a few more examples of what makes him so great!!

1. As you can see from the picture below, he took the time to go to Walgreen’s to have a poster created from a crappy picture of his wiener dog (Betsey). He has it and one other displayed proudly in the living room. He probably would put more up but the room’s awful small.  Don’t look for any pics of his 3 children cause you will not find them. There are a few of his grand daughters but he can’t tell you their names.Image

2. Since retiring from his job as a city bus driver he just can’t seem to find a job so why not make a huge magnet for the side of your yellow taxi like car asking for help. It’s been there for years and no luck yet but he’s a fighter and hasn’t given up yet. Can u help an old guy out??Image

3. Apparently as you age you are not able to hold your urine as long as you could in your prime especially at night. So doesn’t everyone have a stained plastic urinal on their bedside table. How genius! No need to get outta bed til morning. Reminds me of a road trip we took when I was 15 or so. He would urinate in a cup and simply roll down the window to dump it out while traveling at 65 mph or so. Being in the backseat you can guess what happened every time. Why o why didn’t I bring a poncho??? (gag) Don’t even ask where he dumps it in the morning if you ever want to eat again. Image

4. If you are a bowler and a Miami Marlins fan (who has no money), why wouldn’t you pay $250 dollars for an official Miami Marlins Jersey where you could incorporate your love of bowling as well as an offensive #? Order yours today!