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Lumberjills ( So in this restaurant quality rated T.V. MA dirty little comedy ( made by the same people who made both Waiting movies ) Lumberjills is a new cutting edge independently owned Waffle House ( only one Lumberjills Waffle House in the whole world and it's right here in Hell , Hell Michigan that is ) 
Staff run down : Owner : AL Dunkin (  From a rich family ( Thanks Dunkin Donuts ) never work a day in his life has moved into Hell and has started up the vert first ever Lumberjills Waffle House in hopes it help him get laid by hot chick stuck in this dead end town. )  Manager: Barry Wilde ( the hardass ball buster who has never managed a restaurant before ( because his a f*ck up ) but his AL's friend and he need the work so his goofball as is in for the managers spot. )  Head Cook: Jacoby Moon ( total Pothead and smooth with the ladies. )  Head Waitress : Carry Moore ( She is the bomb baby ! an she is a single cougar milf , just trying to make a living and thank God she is so fine ! ) and that is your leads for the cast for this crew here at Lumberjills where the tits are real and the food is really good. ) 
( As for the other stuff and the rest of the staff you can just fell the roles in yourself person or people who take this idea in for me. ) 

( Sexual comedy with a mix of restaurant humor an some buddy buddy 420 joshing and what not in the mix told in a rated T.V. MA way is a ok a. ) 


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