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Myrmidons - The Myrmidons of Greek myth were known for their skill in battle and loyalty to their leaders. In pre-industrial Europe the word "myrmidon" carried many of the same connotations that "minion" does today. Myrmidon later came to mean "hired ruffian" (according to the Oxford English Dictionary) or "a loyal follower, especially one who executes orders without question, protest, or pity - unquestioning followers." ( Myrmidons is also the title of the first of a trilogy of plays by Aeschylus, collectively known as the Achilleïs. The other plays in the trilogy are Nereids and Phrygians. An these players  are what this new T.V. series well be based off. ) 

Mr. Fix-it ( Based off the screenplay by Philip Edward Hartmann aka Phil Hartman. In 1986, Hartman began writing a screenplay for a film titled Mr. Fix-It, and completed the final draft in 1991.  Rated PG 13. Hartman called it "a sort of a merger of horror and comedy, like Beetlejuice and Throw Momma From the Train", adding, "It's an American nightmare about a family torn asunder. They live next to a toxic dump site, their water supply is poisoned, the mother and son go insane and try to murder each other, the father's face is torn off in a terrible disfiguring accident in the first act. It's heavy stuff, but it's got a good message and a positive, upbeat ending." ) 

Chick Hazard, Private Eye ( The Animated series. ) 


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