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Man did i have a dream the other night that you has gotz tah hearz about playerz ! O.K so in this dream am at a strip club called the Players Club in Denver Colorado an so am there by myself making it rain on dem bitches ! You am smoking herb and get my drink on when these big tuff pro wrestling women that where striping there that night as listed: Tamina Snnuka, Lady Tapa, ODB, Mschif, "the Great" Cheynee, Ayako Hamada, Chyna, Awesome Kong, & Tammy Lynn Sytch are all there and they all come back to the champagne room with me an we all together have the wildest orgy of all times ! An when after busting a few nuts in my dream i wake up and my pants are wet because i just blow a load in pants. One hell of a wet dream you guys i tell you what ! Big bad ruff and tuff bitches bust these nuts every time baby ! Note to self next time beat off before going to sleep. So when i have a hot dream i don't cum in shorts again um K big guy }'-). Keep your head up and hard as a rock player because one day i will f*ck them b*tches so so so good big dog o yes so f in f*cking GOOD  that they can't walk right sweetharts ! Even if they are on their ....


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