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February 01, 2016

The quadrillionaire used to memorize employee's license plates numbers to keep track of them! Yikes!

Genius boy turned world’s richest man, Bill Gates, revealed a very creepy side in a recent interview. “I knew everyone’s license plate, so I could look out in the parking lot and see when did people come in [to work], when were they leaving.“

Uhmmmmmm, yikes much? Memorizing your coworkers’ license plates and casually mentioning it in an interview decades later is the billionaire equivalent of getting caught liking an acquaintance’s year old Facebook photos. (Of course, the latter would never happen to Bill Gates because he could just call up Bill Gates 2000, aka Mark Zuckerberg, and demand that he remove the user all together.)

This means he has to banish himself from the scene and go to another school or start another company for a year or whatever. If he’s lucky, people will just forget about this whole memorizing license plates. Geez, we get that you’re a genius, Gates, but like, play it down. It’s making everyone super uncomortable.

This has potential to be social suicide and means for fireable creepiness, but when you’re Bill Gates, you live above "society” and you’ve created the Internet, so there is no firing you. Don’t take note of this, other creeps of the world. You likely can’t fall back on being the wealthiest person walking the earth.