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June 01, 2015

Legendary Atlanta metal band Game Of Thrones guest starred as Wildlings on an episode of Game Of Thrones, and in true GOT fashion they faced a brutal death. Is this the most metal thing of all time?


Mastodon lead singer Eric Saner and bandmates posing on the Game Of Thrones set

Legendary Atlanta metal band Mastodon guest starred as some rampaging Wildlings on an episode of Game Of Thrones, and in true GOT fashion they faced a brutal death. It’s possible that combining these two forces is the most metal thing of all time.

You see, Game Of Thrones is super metal because it’s got like dragons and fighting and swords and death and stuff. And Mastodon is super metal because they’re a metal band. I mean, look at this metal pose:

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 1.49.45 PM.png

Look at that flying V guitar! The tattoo sleeves! The devil may care pointy beard! Metal as fuck, man.

The band took to their Facebook to confirm that it was indeed them on the episode, which had been kept secret but astute fans immediately noticed.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 12.14.00 PM.png

We apologize for the spoiler, but the Mastodon Free Folk die. Although saying that someone dies on Game Of Thrones is sort of a spoiler in the same way that saying someone drinks on Mad Men or Walter White sells meth to kids on Breaking Bad (is that what happens in that show? I still haven’t seen it…). Here’s a still from the episode of the metal death:


The band was invited to be in the episode by executive producer and self-proclaimed metal head Dan Weiss. It’s not the first time that the band has gotten into the Game Of Thrones universe. Earlier this year they were one of several bands to release a track on the GoT Mixtape with the spookily ethereal track “White Walker”:

That song isn’t super metal, but dressing up in furs and having a fierce beard and getting killed by dragons or whatever (I haven’t seen GOT either - is that what happens on that show?) is very metal. So in conclusion, yes ,this is the most metal thing of all time. Although Ozzy eating a bat’s head on stage and spitting the blood on the audience was up there, too. Maybe let’s call this a tie. Wait. Let me rewatch that tape, just to make sure.

Nope, that was way more metal. So I guess the Ozzy bat-head-bite remains the most metal thing of all time.

Pretty good, but keep trying, Mastodon!