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Published: July 20, 2009
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I woke up this morning filled with creative juices. Goggles on people, I’m ready to paint the place. Some might say I’ve been liberated by Funny or Die releasing my secret videotape. Yeah…maybe. But I’m the type of cat who builds and busts juice on a daily basis. Check my flow: sweet, fresh and funky making rock ‘n soul whole!

Here is a tiny taste for you goofy FoD types, at home in your oddly stained PJs, getting high on schwago stank weed, watching Mo Povich, wearing nipple clips.


Sweet Lordy Lord

Watch out below

For you can bet your ass

I dangle 9 before it grows

Mean and nasty

Like a ol’ junk yard dog

Catching friction on a pickle jar

On which I sure do flog

Pound and twist thee,

Have not ye shame?

F that bitches

My shits even got a name!

Nothing dainty

As it earned its name in the slammer

Yeah there’s a trademark pending

But I just call him MAN HAMMER

Swing it chippies,


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