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March 24, 2009


I like sluts. Sorry. I FUCKING LOVE SLUTS! If a female seems like she has had more dick in her mouth than food I will do whatever it takes to get mine in her. usually this doesn't take much. This wouldn't be a problem if I was  immune to disease or more importantly if I didn't end up dating some of them. I will actually stick around after I fuck them. Not out of guilt but adoration. I almost admire them and what they do. I appreciate what they are and the valuable service they provide to the male sex. I wil date a girl that gets half of her caloric intake from sperm. I will do it and it will always end with me finding out she's been suckin every other dick she sees or with me cheating on her with her even sluttier friend. I am writing this blog because I know that this is fucked up. I don't understand why I keep doing this. I don't think I have that OTHER voice in my head that is supposed to present the rational and logical choice. If that guy ever existed the other voice must have fuckin killed him because I haven't heard shit from him in almost a decade. This has hurt me in other areas of my life too. Like allocation of funds. "Are internet pon sites a good investment?"; "Should I save money for school or spend it on anything else?" I answer questions like these everyday. and i answer them immediately without almost any hesitation. Also I may spend 90 percent of my income on alcohol. It's not all for me some of it is for underage girls. If I don't do it some hobo will and they might suck his dick instead of mine. Fuck you hobo, that's my chance to meet Chris Hansen.