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April 30, 2009


After having been a member here for quite some time, I decided it would be appropriate for me to finally contribute something, but just as the mood struck i got creative constipation.  Now that I've had my mental coffee, cigarrette, and fiber supplement...lets see what happens.

Due to my lack of anything special to discuss, I decided to just relive the dream I had last night. 

i was on my bike, a rusty, black beach cruiser, running short on spokes, when my father approached from the rear dressed like a marathon runner, carrying a capuchin monkey in a blue Baby Bjorn.  Naturally I thought the monkey was sweet, but not sweet enough to distract me completely from his attire (my thought was that the chance of seeing balls was at about 90%).  Naturally, like a good father does, he sensed my discomfort, and immediately reached behind his back, in cartoon character fashion, pulled out matching tuxedoes and, in a snap, managed to dress himself and the monkey, without disturbing the position of the Baby Bjorn. 

He then introduced me to the monkey.  "Adam, this is Hans Gruber," to me, and to the monkey, "Grubes, this is Adam."

I extended my hand, but right before I made contact, my bike stopped suddenly, and inexplicably.  They did not stop, and as they continued away, the monkey extended his hand and gave me the thumbs up. 

That is where I woke up.

forgive my spelling if errors exist.