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June 25, 2014

This is what the comments after your improv show really mean.

Ooof, rough show.

You had some funny stuff in there!
Ooof, really rough show.

That was so funny when you came out as the loud guy!
I left immediately after you came out as the loud guy.

That was so funny when you played that character.
I just got here and did not see your show.

That one guy on your team is really funny.
I want to sleep with your friend.

Great show, dude. I love independent art.
My jam band has a concert next Wednesday at 11pm. You're definitely coming.

I could never do that.
I could never recover from that.

Hey man, really cool thematic connections.
I'm a student in Improv 101 with Lyles Kornish.

Great show. Cool venue.
Didn't realize you could rent out a pet store lobby.

Loved the entrance song!
Oof, rough show.

I just wanted to say your scene about bickering co-workers was a cool commentary on the modern workplace.
Hello, I am a poet.

OMG, I had no idea you were such a funny man! Hey, I want you to meet someone: this is Kevin.
Your dream that I'd see you perform improv and want to sleep with you is dead.

Hi, I'm Kevin.
I'm sleeping with your friend tonight.

How often do you guys practice?

I'm so glad I could make it out to see this!
This is the last improv show I will be attending.

GREAT show! As a magician, I really appreciate the stagecraft.
I'm ecstatic to have found a demographic nebbish enough that I can pass as cool.

I liked the suggestion.

Great show, kiddo.
Your mother and I are wiring you money tonight--I had no idea your life had reached this point. Don't worry, Daddy’s gonna fix this.

Great show, reminiscent of this 2-prov set I saw Dark Sister do last week at the Under Hut.
I'm a student repeating Improv 101 with Lyles Kornish.

You guys have gotten so much better since the last time I saw you!
That paralegal job you have is a really good area to focus attention on.

Great show.
Oof. I give you credit for doing something many people are afraid to do but I think you’ve become so fixated on the mechanics that you’ve lost a basic awareness of what's funny, latching onto ideas that are vulgar or grotesque at the expense of the natural playfulness that any person displays during a simple conversation.

Great show. You had a cool Steve Buscemi vibe.
Just clarifying I will not be sleeping with you either.

Great show. When’s the next one?
Oof. BUT: you’re my best bud and I’ll always support you -- good try, buddy. (But yeah, oof.)