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April 10, 2010


Those Were Different times Contest #39

Introducing: "WHITE CHRISTMAS" an album by ... probably this guy.

Winner of the "I Have No Idea What That Means" Award:
Featuring the vocal styrings of Hirihito "Bulrit Catcher" Nagatani.

Winner of the "Obscure Ethinic Distinction" Award:
Little Drummer Pinoy
-Lucy Lieu

Winner of the "Girlfriend, No You Didn't" Award:
OH MY GOD!! Drop Lights AND a Chandelier?! Who was the decorator - Elvis?!

5.9993. Cocaine not included.

4. He looks like he had a gallbladder obstruction.

3.88. "I can't believe I got lockjaw during the holidays."
3. Receives death threats from Shinto priests.

2.2. He just found out Ikea is having a sale.
2. He just found out George Takei is back on the market.

1.12478656723456777772. Ecstatic because he has a flight booked to The Island Of Misfit-Gays.
1.124 “ And no one thought I’d ever realize my dream of being a holiday mannequin in a lamp-store window ! God Bless Us, every one ! ”
1.  Can you guys see these sparkly things ? Guys ? Were you ever real ? ”