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March 09, 2009


Hey Octopussywannabe,  try taking a moment to soak in the fact that

your fetus fetish is robbing valuable time and money and morbidly stealing

away the Nation's focus from real concerns.   Oh I forgot Nadya,  it's all about you.

You better make a fortune off this juvenile stunt  while you can.

Twenty years from now your life might resemble MADEA 2,  THE WRATH OF THE DEPENDENTS.   

Thanks for the fat carbon footprint you deep thinker you.

You should have been born a Japanese daughter.    Perhaps that's your next life

smart ass.    The "collection disease" or "hoarding" exists within us all.  Take away  Reason

and Accountability and we get you Nadya.   Learn from AngeliBrad a little something about variety at least.   You've created  a five year freak show for NatGeo or TLC

with your innocent little indiscretions.    

Once again America promotes excess.   If you build your brood the house will come.

Not exactly what Obama is encouraging.     Angels in Waiting you can kiss my ass.

Try Angels in the Oilfield.    More consumers the better.   You disguise yourselves

as helping hands when really all you do is further perpetuate this zombie have it now mentality:

'If it feels good, do it more,   no matter the cost to others.'

Giving her a house in this economy,  while we've got real life Cougars camping out

at deserted McMansions,  daily foreclosures at historic highs and the firm message

coming from the president to cut back and save more,  work together as a community

and get "greener" is just plain childish.    And so 15 stars are born.   So more zombies

can sit on their fat asses and watch what is surely to be Reality TV's zenith.   Lots of

crying babies in Dolby Surround High Definition.   Thanks Nadya.

Do us all a favor and invest your crafty winnings in clean energy at least.   Make your house solar powered or something.    Wind-generated toilets or natural gas diaper disposal.   Time to give back Nadya.