Saturday Night Live returned this week after a little vacation last week for the fourth episode of Season 40, which is surely the best season of SNL so far in history, no need to even debate it because it’s true! For this year’s Halloween episode, there was no more appropriate host than Jim Carrey, who has a lot of experience dressing up, acting crazy, and scaring kids. (With his movies! I’m sure he’s a nice man!) Here are some of the best sketches from this episode.

The sketch that made the most out of Jim Carrey’s history of crazy roles was the “Carrey Family Reunion,” which felt familiar, like maybe I’d seen it in my nightmares. (I’m still very scared of The Mask.) A fun thing to do with this scene is pick out who in the cast does your favorite impression of a Carrey role. My two faves were Vanessa Bayer’s butt and Jay Pharoah. Also, there’s a special guest actor in this sketch, who you can probably guess if you know what movie Carrey is promoting with this SNL appearance but I’m still not gonna spoil it in case you don’t know!

This episode’s excellent Lincoln ad parody was done in three parts, in which Jim Carrey as Matthew McConaughey contemplates how he found himself in a car commercial, why there are people in the car with him, why there are people outside his car, and more. Since we’re online now you’ll have to watch all in one video, but in the show the commercials just kept unexpectedly coming back between sketches, which was very funny. Really it’s a bummer that you missed it!

Michael Che continues to be great at co-hosting “Weekend Update,” specifically at interacting with guests, as seen last episode when he cordially welcomed back beloved character Stefon. This episode, while Drunk Uncle did nothing to hide that he felt more comfortable around Colin Jost, Vanessa Bayer’s Romantic Comedy Expert felt a real connection to Che. They make a very cute couple, and I am definitely rooting for them.

The most athletic sketch of the night, which is an award that’s only given out on some episodes of this show, depending on how physically demanding all the sketches are, was “Halloween Party.” This sketch pitted Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon against each other in a spooky-girl-from-Sia’s-Chandelier-video dance off. Remember the part in the Chandelier video where the girl runs across the entire SNL studio and dances for Lorne Michaels? They were really good at recreating that.

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