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Published June 09, 2010
Thanks to everyone for making this the best turn out to date! Here are your winners . . . .5 "HELLO, MR CROCKETT... IM HERE TO PICK UP YOUR DAUGHTER." -phukuhp4 "Archaeologists discover shithole"     -Kristi513 "I will NOT fix it up, I will NOT move, and I will NOT try Domino's new pizza!"     -JBnthe2172 "And there's a cement pond in the back!"     -topper38The Segat award:  "Some hillbillies move to Frisco BEFORE raping each other in the ass."                                             -theDIRTYm...The Wilde award: "You pay the electricity bill in candlewax."                                           -Kristi51Winner: "You know, with a little bit of work, it could pass for a crack                           house."                     -jitterbug------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Winners for cap con # 4 are in you happen to pick up someone's daughter tonight, you best be hope'n this place ain't his . . .