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Published July 06, 2013 More Info »
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Published July 06, 2013

A 100 million dollar lawsuit made by ex beau of pop superstar Shakira claims damages for having to endure the rest of his life with the haunting memories that he won’t be able to “tap that ever again!”, was rejected in a Swiss court.

Antonio De la Rúa filed last year alleging that he should be compensated for having to continue his existence amidst the superstar's success and banging body, which even after childbirth, renders fans the world over speechless.

Although the ruling judge was sympathetic to the man’s plea, a Geneva court threw the case out.  Upon the ruling the judge told "This Just Zen", “Although I sympathize with De la Rua’s pain, to award him any settlement would be fodder for other superstar exes of folks like Janet Jackson, J Lo, or heaven forbid, Beyonce to come out of the woodwork citing the same claims. Let’s just hope that Kerry Washington’s new husband has a prenuptial agreement.  The idea of not being able to “handle that again” is even difficult for me to imagine.  That’s why I married the ugliest woman with the flattest ass I could find.  Sure, I have a porn addiction, but I’m happy!”

Shakira was unavailable for comment but uploaded a more footage to Youtube of her ass shaking concert videos earlier today to apparently rub it in.