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Published April 14, 2013
Eddie's Last Interview          Sleazy Rumor Finally Answered      Was he Gay!? For his entire showbiz career that question had dogged Eddie, the feisty little Jack Russell Terrier from TV’s Frazier. And although Eddie has passed on, the controversy still rages. Those who are convinced that Eddie was straight, ‘A man’s dog’, point to the time he bit Kelsey Grammar hard enough for Kelsey to have shouted, “Christ, the little f***er bit me!     (Notice Grammar hiding bleeding left hand.)      Just before he died, Eddie consented to an exclusive interview at the MPTHRRP (Motion Picture and Television Home for Retired and Retarded Pets) where he was sharing a semi-private room with a senile, overweight St. Bernard. And, wouldn’t you know it, Eddie appeared to be just as feisty as ever. He told us he’d answer any question if we’d just “…Help him put a pillow over the face of that fat, drooling tub of fur in the next bed.”      Using a retired circus dog (who could stand on it’s front paws) as a walker, Eddie slowly paced back and forth - and when we finally asked him point blank if he was gay, Eddie barked, “Hey, let me ask you this…If they whacked off your balls, in which direction would you lean?” ### A New Dog and Cat Comedy TV ShowThat will Raise a Ton of Money For Animal Related charities. YOU CAN HELP GET THIS TV SHOW ON THE AIR WITH A CLICK OF YOUR MOUSE No Hype...No B.S...No Kidding.