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August 03, 2017

What in the World happened to bedside manner...

Dr. Jayson Barnes, a sleep apnea specialist at Lee Memorial Hospital in Ft. Myers, Florida and ABSOLUTE LEGEND of Chi Phi fraternity at Florida State University has come under fire for sending a debatably inappropriate message to Melissa Partridge, a patient of his, with the simple question “U up?”

Barnes claims that he was checking to see if the new sleep apnea mask he had procured for Ms. Partridge was doing its job. “Bottom line, I’m a doctor first.In my experience, texting ‘you up’ to a girl at 2:30am works. I was doing my doctor-ly duty and she should be grateful I would even text her on a Saturday.You know why.”

Many onlookers are calling for Barnes to be relieved of his duties for sexual harassment. A hearing is scheduled for next Thursday with the hospitals board of directors and lucky for Mr. Barnes the head of the board was his big at Chi Phi.

As for Ms. Partridge, she found the text startling, but viewed it as a positive:“I’ve suffered from sleep apnea for about 4 years now and this is the first time a doctor has ever texted me. I don’t know… He’s a doctor…what can you do…and to text me on a Saturday…when he should be out grilling burgers and tossing the football around with the guys…I feel really cared for and looked after.”

So much for bedside manner.