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May 16, 2014

What if we all went to work in the clothes that are best reserved for the bedroom? It would certainly make the day more interesting.

Dressing up for your partner is becoming more common place. Maybe it was always common but in a more open society it is much more talked about and from school-girls to nurses outfits it seems that even in the adult industries such as porn and escorting the dress up scenarios are ever popular. At agencies like Courtisane they can have a variety of requests and it is not just the professionals that are getting in on the act. Wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends are helping to fulfil their partners fantasies and pretending to be their ideal companion.
So what would it actually be like if people dressed as their fantasy counterpart in their every day life. From police-women to receptionists, the work day could be much more interesting.
The Scientist.
Spending all day studying test tubes and molecules? How would your day differ if the female scientist at your work place came in looking like a half naked Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses. Imagine the look on the nerdy scientist men as the sexy new employee enters the lab and takes up her position at the desk to begin work, definitely something to help the hours fly by.
Doctors / Nurses
This has long been a favourite in the bedroom and with role play in porn films etc. From an incredibly beautiful doctor checking a person for head to toe to a nurse that must administer a sponge bath this could be a very interesting scenario in the real world. The stethoscope and short skirt combination has been setting pulses racing, but would this really be plausible in the countries hospitals.
Ever since the film Secretary was released and Maggie Gyllenhaal was spanked across the table by her boss then this has become many a man's fantasy. The image of a receptionist has evolved over the years but it goes without saying that a female reception worker has been sexually reinvented for generations to follow.
Flight Attendant.
The porn industry would like us all to believe that every man has a chance of joining the mile-high club with a flight attendant in the bathroom on a flight. I have been flying for many years and I am yet to see this is true but it would make a 24 hour journey to Australia a much more pleasurable experience.
Military / GI Jane.
Now this may seem sexist but there would be much less war if the women and men of the military were dressed as the Abercrombie models that portray them in films and adverts. When in a gun fight a bikini may not be a very plausible solution but for those around in the camp it could make the middle of Iraq seem like a day at the beach.