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May 15, 2011

A real life belief, so that should qualify and fulfill the requirements of a true religion.

Why cannabis restriction in America is beyond the shadow of a doubt a crime.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


When born into a country that has as the very cornerstone of its foundation a right of freedom of religion, and free exercise thereof, any attempt to legislate what could never be is a violation of every American’s right to discover their life and the World around them for themselves.


Furthermore, I believe and trust the research of John Holowach in his 2008 documentary “High: The True Tale of American Marijuana,” the origin of cannabis phobia has a religious beginning tied in with the ideals of the Mormon Church. In his documentary, John informs the World that a group of Mormons took a mission to Mexico and discovered the herb native to the World, and upon returning to Utah, the fear of the plant began and spread across the nation.


In addition to the possibility that is the actual reality, it is plainly obvious that the slang term ‘marijuana’ is rooted in xenophobia, for in this same period of time and enculturation for Mexican Americans of the 1930s, the earlier immigrants to this country felt their ability to earn a living was threatened and the fear of loss of opportunity and of the natural herb created a negative connotation for cannabis rooted in nothing other than fear.


Ultimately, being born in 1974, I feel disenfranchised from the American Dream based off of the Mormon’s beliefs in what they feel is best, coupled with the fears of loss opportunity to earn a dollar led to cannabis prohibition and hurts millions of American Citizens absolutely every day. There are States in the Union that consider internal possession a crime, hence I would need at least three months to feel safe on their soil to accommodate other peoples’ fears.


Considering I believe cannabis is a gift from God and serves the wonderful function of helping a human find his/her way in life. For instance, if a person blames their surrounding for their pains, they would likely feel a sense of paranoia. For those that have heard people scapegoat what is wrong with society, and knew what was described was how they saw themselves, the herb facilitates laughter and the ability to become comfortable in one’s own skin, so the soul could eat and survive.


Personally, in regards to amotivational syndrome, it is far better to do nothing than the wrong thing.


In relation to the economy, if cannabis became absolutely legal for all, and the price dropped to its natural price, all of those people spending in excess of their financial resources, would instead be able to be consumers of other markets and stimulate the economy, generating tax dollars with every legitimate transaction, aiding the transition back into a boom cycle for this great nation that is all of ours.