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December 03, 2009


KISS is in Glendale,today. Can believe people will 55 bucks for the nosebleed seats? But,to be fair,I can believe I paid 40 bucks for the nosebleed seat in the 2000 Farewell Tour. I didn’t see KISS in 70’s before the solo alubms, KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK,KISS SAVES CHRISTMAS and KISS Babysits Jesus movies. They played in Baton Rouge of the Dynasty Tour went turned Kiss disco. And Gene Simmons was allegdedly sucking Barry Gibb’s dick.Or,was it Chers? But,in 2000 I figured to let bygones be bygones I catch a bit of history at KISS FAREWELL TOUR. I missed in the Endymion parade in 1979 cause it took a long time to walk to Kenner from Lakeview. In 1979,Dutch Morial the city’s first black mayor cut the budget of the NOPD. They countered by not working security for New Orleans Mardi Gras Parades.Most Krewes took a loss for that year but the big ones like Endymion, Bacchus and a few other went on in the city of Kenner. My dad promised to drive me there but was too busy doing the taxes of the bitch he fucked around with behind my mom’s back. I should have blackmailed him. But,I freaked out and knocked on the outside of the window.While jumping up and down on the car port like the wild-ass teenager I was. I drank a lot of vodka when I was 14. Anyway,I missed KISS by 15 minutes. It was a dream to see KISS once in my life. I had Gene Simmons facepaint with my glasses. But,they are still having farewell tours it cheapen the experience.Now,I"m very firmly ANTI-KISS. DID Gene Simmons get this idea while he was porking CHER?