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April 02, 2018

Think you know the 1980's? There was the moonwalk, space shuttle explosion, purple rain, John Hughes movies about idiot teenagers and more idiot teenagers, and of course Roseann Barr. Take this pop quiz to see how much you really remember and to determine just how worthless your time is if in fact you took the time to take it.

80’s Music for 5 points

1. Whick 80’s metal band sounds like the code name for a serial killer?

(a) Twisted Sister
(b) Cinderella
© Blondie
(d) Night Ranger

2. Which 80’s pop group/individual sounds like a nickname for a hooker?

(a) Debbie Gibson
(b) Blondie
© The Go Go’s
(d) ‘Til Tuesday

3. Which 80’s pop group sounds like the name of a strip club?

(a) Donna Summers
(b) A-ha
© The Go Go’s
(d) Nina

4. Which 80’s group sounds like something your mother says when she finds your stack of “Playboys” you have worked so hard to conceal all this time?

(a) Quiet Riot
(b) A-ha
© Starship
(d) Poison

Television shows for 5 points

5. Which t.v. show (s) sounds like the name of a porno flick?
(a) Knot’s Landing
(b)The Golden Girls
© Different Strokes
(d) The A-Team

6. Which t.v. show (s) sounds like a gay porno flick?
(a) Knot’s Landing
(b) Simon & Simon
© Dallas
(d) Miami Vice

7. Which t.v. show sounds like the name of the homeless guy you hide from when you go downtown for dinner?
(a) Murder She Wrote
(b) Webster
© The Cosby Show
(d) Cheers

8. Which t.v. show sounds like what your mother did when she found your father’s stack of Playboys under your bed ?
(a) L.A. Law
(b) Murder She Wrote
© The Cosby Show
(d) Empty Nest

9. Which t.v. show (s) sounds like the outcome for when your mother actually found your father’s girlfriend’s phone number underneath your bed in one of the Playboys?
(a) Cagney & Lacy
(b) L.A. Law
© Cosby Show
(d) Empty Nest

10. Which t.v. show sounds like the law firm your mother hired to leave your father?
(a) L.A Law
(b) Cagney & Lacy
© Alf
(d) Murder She Wrote

11. Which law firm sounds like the one your father hired that lost to your mother’s law firm?
(a) Simon & Simon
(b) Designing Women
© Dear John
(d) Alf

12. Which t.v. show sounds like the result of the custody battle between your mother’s lawyers vs. your father’s lawyers after her divorce from your father, her attorney’s financial windfall and her victory for you and your siblings due to his ongoing and newfound addictions.
(a) The Cosby Show
(b) Cheers
© Safe at Home
(d) Small Wonder

13. Which t.v. show sounds like the type of letter your father wrote your mother before he ran off with a troup of Golden Girls and spent all his free time at the Go Go’s?
(a) The Wonder Years
(b) Cheers
© Dear John
(d) Hunter

14. Which show demonstrates the moniker for what you learned about parenting and marriage in general?
(a) It’s a Different World
(b) Alf
© The Facts of Life
(d) Dear John

15. Which show demonstrates how great the 80’s really was?
(a) The Wonder Years
(b) Facts of Life
© Hunter
(d) The Equalizer

Let’s be honest, although you can guess correctly and grade well, fact is, if you actually took the time to test consider yourself to have a mild __*personality disorder.Your sort of like those folks who play with that “goofy” golf tee subtraction games down at “Cracker Barrel,” to the chagrin of everyone at the table. You know what I am talking about! The type of activity that solicits wait staff to provide you with crayons and a coloring sheet even as an adult and even when you don’t ask. So regardless of how you feel about your intelligence (you should feel rather low)here is the answer key and point yield per question._**Question #_ Points*

(1)=d 5
(2)=b 5
(3)=c 5
(4)=b 5
(5)=a,b,c and d 20
(6)=a and b 10
(7)=b 5
(8)=b 5
(9)=b and d 10
(10)=b 5
(11)=a 5
(12)=b 5
(13)=c 5
(14)=c 5
(15)=a 5