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October 10, 2010

The difference between Los Angeles and the New York City

Being in LA for any period of time made me realize things:
a)NY needs to “calm it” down just a bit
b)LA needs to take life a bit more seriously
c)People in LA are nicer than people in NY
d)People-watching is a much more enjoyable pastime in LA
e)I like to drink
f)Impulsive shopping is much more likely in NY – no LA – no, it’s a tie.
g)People on reality shows need to realize they are NOT A-list celebrities, albeit some of them are really cool
h)I need to lose weight or just “tighten it up” as Katherine Hiegl was told in Knocked Up

I recently decided that I was really going get into some sort of regiment that will include being more physical, quite possibly even joining a gym, and perhaps being a bit more conscious of my caloric intake. That’s as far as I’ll go on that subject matter, but I figure if I put it “out there” – there’s no taking it back.

I was in Los Angeles for the launch of ABSOLUT Los Angeles this week and amidst a press event for the unveiling of our honorary star on the walk of fame and the launch party at Kress, I made another bold evaluation: I fucking LOVE my ABSOLUT clients. There are just certain people that you mesh with – in any given situation, and those PR bitches and brand diplomats are where it’s at.

Anyway, I stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel and it’s absolutely horrific and I don’t think anyone should ever stay there. The only good part about the hotel was the pool and for me, various celebrity sightings, one of whom was Brandon Davis, currently weighing in at 6lbs. 8 oz. – max.

So I’m blogging on the plane now and have a few observations:

1)I don’t understand how anyone can ever join the mile high club. I mean, I’ve flirted with the idea with an ex-boyfriend of mine, but it was more of a “in the future” – well today, I really assessed the situation whilst in the bathroom and figured that it would be absolutely impossible for two people to have sex in there – neigh – good sex in there unless you were like two people who were teeny tiny. Then there’s that whole “inconspicuous” factor. How do you get two people in there and have 100 other passengers be none the wiser? I guess I’ll have to join this coveted club when I finally have enough money saved up for that private jet I’ve been eyeing.
2)What’s so hard about flushing toilets on the plane? I mean, all you have to do is press a button! I walked in after this putrid man and it was an utter disaster. I couldn’t believe it. Save that shit for your own apartment buddy. Gross.
3)Babies: Does anyone have thoughts on bringing babies on planes? I get it, you have to sometimes – but at least give the kid an ambien beforehand. I kid, I kid.
4)President’s Club: I went there for the first time today and couldn’t believe it. They have a family room – literally looks like a living room, a TV lounge set up like a movie theatre, a full bar, a conference room for those who need it, cubicle spaces set up if you need to work, etc. I am 100% going to invest in one of those credit cards that gives me miles and/or makes me eligible to be an “elite” – word.
5)Don’t kick the back of my chair. I get really really really pissed off and will rage out on you.

I’m starting my initial descent into the lovely city of Newark, NJ. That sort of depresses me, actually.

Oh, before I go, Adrian Grenier is the cutest, most adorable man. And, I hate Alliance. I said it.