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April 03, 2016

Peter Dinklage hosted SNL with musical guest, Gwen Stefani. But more importantly, he wore space pants.

Peter Dinklage hosted SNL last night, officially commencing the time of year when the season premiere of Game of Thrones is imminent and everybody is talking about it at the bar.

The conversation usually begins with, “Do you watch Game of Thrones?” and in my case, it ends with, “I watch it, but I’m sick of all the gratuitous rape scenes,” because Tinder dates don’t want to talk about the problem of gratuitous rape scenes on TV. But for other people, the hot convo topic is the question of whether or not Jon Snow is really dead. Dinklage sadly had no answers to offer us: “If I’m not in the scene, Petey no read-ey,” quoth Peter Dinklage in his monologue, which later featured Leslie Jones in a dragon costume.

“I can’t hear you, but I was gonna say a dragon shouldn’t go through the door. I’m just gonna exit frame, okay?”

In the “HBO Game of Thrones Sneak Peek” filmed sketch, we did find out how they use a motion captor actor to film a scene with dragons. It’s a further testament to Dinklage’s acting chops that he plays Tyrion with such focus in the face of Bobby Moynihan. Literally. Bobby Moynihan’s face two inches away from his own, “being intense.”

“I’m sorry, is what’s goin’ on up there more interesting than what’s goin’ on right here?” “Kind of.”

The weirdest and best sketch of the night opened with a deceptively tame setup — a mafia meeting over dinner (with everyone except Pete Davidson putting on accents) — when Peter Dinklage takes the stage in a mod blonde wig and … space pants. Intergalactic space pants. Once he’s joined by Gwen Stefani in a pair of space shorts, the mafiosos forget all about the money they’re owed.

“I saw nothing! I heard nothing!”

Finally, Dinklage got to show off his comedic range as the hotel manager (named Rurark? Ruark?) of an undersea hotel with a dead body problem.