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Published August 30, 2011
Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple CEO to work on a secret project that insiders have dubbed the “iWake”, The Daily News has learned.

The groundbreaking product is rumoured to be an alarm clock with built-in radio and kettle, and possibly some resting space for biscuits.

Jobs is said to be “driven by this project more than any since the first Mac,” said an insider. “Steve’s conquered the world of technology, now he believes he can harness the elements, too, by introducing heat to water to create a boiling effect. That’s the breed of genius we’re talking about.”

Steve-jobs The Daily News has been shown video footage of Jobs telling an Apple sales meeting last week: “Wouldn't it be awesome if when people had finished their coffee they could just unplug the kettle and take it to work with them? And if batteries are installed, that they could hold it up to their ears and listen to the radio? And that if they took a cup and some milk, they could have coffee on the go, too?”

Apple’s share price dipped 7 per cent on news of Jobs’ departure before rising 12 per cent on news of the iWake. Jobs is said to be working harder than ever in a bid to develop long-cherished projects before his health deteriorates further.

In the pipeline are said to be the iSpice (a spice rack with built-in MP3 player), iSlippers (slippers with built-in phone) and the iJuice, a juicer with video-conferencing functionality.