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March 09, 2010


So its 1am and Im up like a light bulb....I usually take Nyquil when this happens but Im out. I can't get into the heavy sleep aids, like Lunesta. I see the commercials and all I hear is bla bla bla Lunesta may make you bat shit crazy. Like I need that. Lunesta may cause you to drive or swim without knowing it. Oh yeah thats what I want to do." Honey you look tired this morning and Wet?" Lets face it, If I awoke at 9:30am and found that I had enrolled myself in midnight Water Ballet at 24 hour fitness and was a key roll in the production and not known it, I may get a little pissed at the drug manifacturers(Unless I was really good at it). Like a secret skill I didn't know about....yeah Jason Born can kill a guy with a book, I do water ballet. Yeah....its like that. Or the driving part? Go to bed in Orange and wake up in Oakland...Ok you wouldn't wake up in Oakland cause you'd be shot to death by a gang of Dope dealers, but hey zombie butterfly,,,, roll with it. I don't mind insomnia that much, its not the fact that I can't sleep that bothers me, its the fact that I am more than capable of doing awake things right now that would bother other people. I mean I could totaly go out in the garage right now and get the Mower ready because summers just around the corner. I could fire up the air compressor and do some sanding, I could get the skill saw out and make some shelves.... All awake things that would make my neighbors call the cops. But I have to sit here quietly for the peace of others. Tommorow I will be a far away person, not engaged, non resonsive, and I'll sleep the sleep of the dead tommorow night, but now I sit quietly thinking of how Lunesta would make me into a zombie swimmer or I'd wake up with an asshole full of jacks and not know how they got up there. The neighborhood is so quiet right now, the loudest sound is the sound of my fishtanks air pump. Oh well good night America, I'll try to fall asleep before the british guy trys to sell me a stainless steel veggie shredder with twelve individual blades for julian slicing. Peace...grizz.