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Published August 05, 2014 More Info ยป

Legalize all drugs because where going to do them either way a.

Fun Fact: All world leader really have no power at all because they all work for the people so they can all blow it out their asses because their all worthless f*ck ups.

Guess what all wars you are not solving anything at all what so ever so stop.

All religions are transcendent so stop fighting over them for the love of God !

Am sorry but all countries should have Universal Health Care since it’s called Universal Health Care and all you know !

Hell you know what if you going to vote am saying vote Green Party or independent because this democrat vs republican BS is just that total BS. Side-note: i vote all the time i have never once voted for someone who won. #TrueStory

Here is how we solve obesity take away the food from the fat people an give that food to the poor so we can end world hunger. Boom 2 birds one stone.

All gay people who want to be married should be aloud to get married by the state and just leave the church out this you dig. Yeah it’s a little thing called Separation of church and state my friends.

Remember it’s takes different strokes for different folks to make the world go around so lets just all just get along !

Factory farming of all kinds ( Am talking meat, fruit, grains, nuts, vegetables and so on ) needs to end my people because it’s making us sick and it’s taking away jobs and destroying the earth so end the factory farming for good world wide because it’s too late.

( Look i could go on forever about this stuff but i best shut up before i get killed. )

Thank You and Good Day


DA Bullfrog


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