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June 02, 2011

This transcends all party affiliations. This is pizza.

Do you like pizza? Sorry. DUMB QUESTION. Of course you do. It's hard not to like heaven. Jon Stewart certainly does. And he used Donald Trump and Sarah Palin's meeting of the minds, which took place at some piece-of-shit chain pizzeria, to launch into an amazing tribute to pizza, specifically of the New York variety.

The whole thing is gold, and while it revolves around the GOP darlings' think-tank, it's not so much a rant at the expense of Palin and Trump.  It is simply a beautiful homage to pizza. And that's something that transcends political affiliations. Something that bonds us. Because it's something delicious.

YES! The napkins! Jon, you understand me. And I would like to take you out for pizza so we can further discuss the subtle nuances of eating it. I'll be anxiously awaiting your phone call.