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September 04, 2008


Well when I listen to her I heard how she was as a Mom and some other shit she was saying but what I really wanna know how did you feel about her speech? because she never talked about Health care, Not losing job, Gas prices and other issues that have been dealing with ever since Bush take over at the White House.

She attacked Obama hard and I admit and I give her that but were the things she said really her saids? No becuase she read a speech writing by the same person that wrote speeches for Bush when he was running for president. So it's pretty easy to read a speech by another person that wrote it for you.

But it's funny how they talk about how Obama talks a good game when the Republicans has a speech writer who writes a damn good one specialty when that person is not the one running for the White House The Republicans kill me when they talk about how Obama has no experiences when Bill Clinton didn't have any himself when he was running aginst Bush Sir. McCain maybe a so called War hero but does he support the Troops hummm lets see nooooooooooooooooo!!!

McCain has lack of any votes for the support on the Troops McCain has not made and he never even showed up for a meeting but on the RNC they made him seem like a war hero but he never even supported the troops they even keep grades and scores on the Senators that did support the troops

Iraq and Afganistan Veterans of America:

John McCain: D

Barack Obama: B+


Disabled American Veterans:

John McCain: 20%

Barack Obama: 80%


Barack has never even served in the military and he has more support then McCain haaaaaa I'm voting for a chance for Change oh and McCain's was married two times and he left he first wife Carol McCain who was a famous beauty and a successful swimwear model which they was married in 1965 to Cindy McCain who won a beauty pageant and speaking on that Sena. McCain select Shara Palin who also won a beauty pageant to before. What's the deal with him and Beauty Qreens he's must be a Woman nizer / horny mother fucker.

Obama 08 yall lets make it happend.