Morgan_Freeman.jpgA Connecticut man watched not one, but two whole episodes of "Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman" Saturday before meeting his buddies for drinks later that night, says, "And they're like, an hour long each." 

After a few drinks and forty five minutes of explaining "That big bang" to anybody who would listen at the bar, the budding astrophysicist admitted that he was "pretty sure our universe is like, way bigger than you guys think."  "I know it sounds crazy, but that's Morgan Freeman talking... so you know that shit is real," he added.

After all available company had abandoned him, the bartender took pity on the man and, wondering if a "Self esteem tip, which is always at least like, twenty percent" might be coming his way, agreed to have a conversation with the frustrated patron about the fact that "You know, like... when I see green it's probably like a totally different color green than you see... we just both call them green." 

Sadly, most of the patrons at the bar that night "Just didn't get it," prompting the man to vow to watch at least two more episodes of the show "So I can really blow some minds."