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Published February 22, 2009 More Info »
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Published February 22, 2009
hey pals and friends and what-not...

   i've been watching a lot of tv as i tend to do... and i came across my bbc america channel -- and friends, i am hooked.  not so much on the programs, although... they are certainly interesting.  i am hooked on england.  man, what a lovely place it appears to be on the television screen.  i would someday like to go to a place where there was (and still is) a castle.  not a whitecastle.  a genuine, 100% real castle.  that's amazing to me.  i'd like to go somewhere there are still little villages and townships... without the threat of backwoods, banjo-playing rape.  that would be nice.  like i always say, "no rape, please".  london looks lovely and the people speak so eloquently.  it's amazing.  i imagine their rappers even sound good when they're butchering their own language.  by the way, i'd also like for this trip to be free and for me to find a bag of money on the street.  if you could make that happen, that would be great.  thanks for reading.

this lord of the manor,
mike the 1st

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