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May 06, 2009


This really is starting to wrinkle my goat. Every morning before work i go to the same garage to buy the same things a pack of ciggys and a V(energy drink).
The same dude serves me each day(he's a trainee) and seems to have spent a lot of time in training.
Anyway he asks every day every time without fail when i walk up to the counter and plonk my stash down to pay if i would like to buy 2 v's as they have a special on i always have and always will say no.
Then when he gets me my cigs he asks if I want to buy a lighter or matches again the answer is no.
he then asks if I want to buy any of the specials that they have on the counter which are always crap..(wtf would i want with a protein cookie?). I say no. He then asks if I would like anything else, I say no. Then I pay then leave.
It's like Groundhog day, I recognise this guy every day surely he must recognize me so why does he keep asking me the same thing when he knows what my answer will be, he doesn't even ask me any of these questions with any conviction it's as if he knows i am going to say no but asks anyway in case i may just change the habit of a lifetime on that particular day. It is such a boring samey every day ritual which means I am obviously not very suggestible......Any suggestions?