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February 05, 2010


A Skeptic at Heart
I was skeptical of seeing the new 'Star Trek' movie last year. Sometimes when an actor plays a character too well, you are convinced that he will carry that with him to his next movie (as if it is part of his personality). In the case of Chris Pine, this concept did not work in his favor. I HATED his character on the pathetic excuse for a movie, "Just My Luck", with Lindsey Lohan. I'm not sure what my beef is with Lohan. I just simply do not like her. When I saw that Pine was playing the leading role in the upcoming Trek movie, I rolled my eyes, thinking 'here we go again'. Chris Pine, (or rather Jake Hardin,) discouraged me from seeing the movie in theaters. I figured I would have to sacrifice less time and money if I just waited until the DVD came out.

My Trek History
As a child, I would come home from school in the evening and fall asleep watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my grandpa. Even as a kid I was intruigued by the mystery and science fiction of the show. for years the only Star Trek that I knew of consisted of Cpt. Picard, Com. Riker, Lt. Warf, Lt. Data, couselor Troy and well...you get the idea. Still to this day I am a huge fan--I watch it on Spike every chance I get. I was introduced to the previous version of Star Trek by my aunt, who absolutly LOVED William Shattner. I however, never really cared to much about it. I caught glimpses of it and knew the main characters, but still I stuck to my TNG only.Even as the years went on and newer versions of the Trek tv series came out with new Characters and adventures, I would only watch TNG.

To My Pleasant Suprise...
I was immediatly intruigued and captivated by Star Trek (2009) within the first ten minutes of the movie. It showed promise of being an exhilerating adventure like none before it. The very very first thing that caught my eye was little Spock. How adorable is that little kid, Jacob Kogan??!! I had never imagined  what Spock would look like or act like as a child, but that little dude did an amazing job!! We can see even as a child that Spock has anger and contempt for those who look down on his human mother. It was pretty neat to get a glimpse of Spock's past. There is something different about him. You can tell Spock is not like the other Vulcans. There is something almost sweet in his eyes.
Then comes the scene that sparked my obsession with the movie: Spock as an adult speaking with his mother about choosing the Vulcan way of life.  My immediate reaction was "Oh my God, Spock is hot?!". Throughout the rest of the movie my attention was primarily focused on Zachary Quinto. Zach is a very talented actor indeed.
And So It Began
So forget about the storyline for a few minutes and lets just take a look at the new ZQ Spock. I am infatuated, to say the least. He knows everything. He is humble, logical. He shows no emotion, most of the time, which only makes me want to know him more. I want to bring out the emotions bured deep within his pretty little Vulcan soul. I want him. It started out pretty innocent: I watched the movie--loved it--made a few comments to my sister about him. But I just had to find out who this new Spock was. And why did I have a hunch that he might be a really hot guy under all that makeup?? I had to know who he was. So I did as I always do and got on IMBD.com to check it out. Zachary Quinto was the most beautiul thing I have ever layed eyes on. (Yeah that's totaly cheesy but I don't give a fuck--this guy is smoking hot--for realzies babe!)

The Dream
Soon I had an interesting dream about Mr. ZQ. Oddly enough, in the dream I started talking to him online--like twitter or something(even though I really don't use twitter a lot), and got his phone number and he wanted to meet me. I got on a plane with my mother, sister, and two of my children and flew out to Hollywood. Weird things were happeneing that led up to the point where I was supposed to meet him. When the time came to actually stand face to face with him, I couldn't do it. I kept thinking about how I am just a regular person and he is a movie star. I bailed out and never met him.
The dream made me realize something--I can't get this guy out of my head. Which isn't a healthy thing, considering he might as well not even exist in my world. I will never meet him. This obsession will pass--as they all do. But for right now I am stuck on you, ZQ!!

And Now...
So here I am on this website, funny or die, because I wanted to know more about the dude I've become so obsessed with. I can't stop looking at pictures of him on the internet. Seriously, it's become a problem. I'm addicted....and anyone who hasn't watched Hostage: A Love Story seriously needs to do so. You will laugh until you pee your pants--just dont watch it around children lol.

Just To Let You Know
I consider myself to be a little obsessive at times. I'm not particularly a Twighlight fan, however, I am a vampire fan. I have been obsessed with vampires since I watched Interview With The Vampire as a child. It was then that I realized, that even mythical creatures can be very attractive. (How corny is that, I know, right?) Never did I think that a Vulcan, a Vulcan, would make me sweat!

Seriously with those deep brown eyes, and breathtaking smile--OMG!! The picture of Zach gently biting his lip is...well there are no words. I think I would have a heart attack if I ever saw him in person.