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Published May 09, 2011 More Info »

Živil Raudonien aka Aksana (born April 29, 1982) she is a Lithuanian fitness model, bodybuilder, professional wrestler and my dream women now living in Tampa F.L. An here are a few of the infinite reasons why i want this women to be mine forever and always and then some more boo. Really i love her more than words could ever say but i'll try to brake this down. OK.

So i like my women a little older than me and she has 3 years on me so thats a +.

She is not for the U.S.A so that would be good thing. "Because i don't like women for the U.S.A. because they hate me with a passion. "you bitches are lucky am a vegan"

She is very strong and i love to be smack around so that goes hand in hand.

She loves pro wrestling and i love pro wrestling so that is a big time + er row right there pimpin ! 

She is smaller than me so me like e that yo my yolers.  SO HOT ! 

She is very fit so you know that snatch is super tight that will make me feel just right even if i do have a little dick. So good stuff there my peeps. 

Yeah i really love that sexy cat move she does in the ring so we all know that = sexy moves in the sack if you know what digging boo };-{O 

She is a world travel. So she could open my eyes up to a whole new world. An that i need baby . 

She is billingual so that is cool. 

No need for boner pills with her because she give me a boner just by looking at her blonde hair that is dyed black. But you know what give me some boner pills and some wiskey so we can make a weekend of this you dig sweetness. 

She is a hard worker that makes lots of money so that make me hard. 

She is famous but not a bitch about it because she is a very nice person with a hart of gold is a big + in love. 

Just on look into eye and you can tell she has a very deep soul. An she has the greatest spirit of all times. So me like e that a lots. 

Her fashion sense is top notch. 

She is a very good little actress. 

She is aging very well and is looking better and better with age. So she will always look damn good baby ! 

She is not on drugs but she know how to party so you got to love that right there yo. 

She is a very stong willed women that takes care of herself so you got to love that G. 

Look i could go on forever on this women but am ending it on this, i love you Aksana and i will always love forever an always even after death you are my dream women and then some sweetness. A ture 10 and then some you Goddess. 


DA Bullfrog